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"I don't think I'm lonely ...I'm all alone, but I'm not lonely." So that's about me :)Now you can ask me...and of course, follow me :)

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arya appreciation week » favorite relationship: arya & jon
She yearned to see her mother, and Robb and Bran and Rickon…but it was Jon Snow she though of most. She wished somehow they could come to the wall before Winterfell, so Jon might muss up her hair and call her ‘little sister’. She’d tell him, ‘I missed you’, and he’d say it too at the very same moment, the way they always used to say things together. She would have liked that. She would have liked that better than anything.


The Empty Hearse + Sherlock's perfect face




merlin actors in doctor who

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Clara Oswald ± Victorian Fashion

"That’s why she’s the boss. A soldier so brave she doesn’t need a gun. She can keep the whole world safe."

"You know when you really, really like someone and you don’t wanna mess up, and you end up just messing it up by trying not to? I think there’s an element of that." - Samuel Anderson, DW Extra 1x04


Jenna talks about Clara’s date.

south bank, 7/3/14